Help identify type from a galley

Can someone point me in the right direction for this 12 pt typeface?

image: image.jpg


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I found nothing in a very quick scan through my reference materials. The most helpful piece of information to have, after an image, is if there is a pinmark on the side of the type, and, if so, what it says or looks like. Even the information that there is no pinmark is very helpful in narrowing down the search.

It would also be extremely helpful to know if the country that the type is located in. Basically, is it American or is it European.

Is there a pinmark and where is this type located?


No pin marks on this one either - also purchased in the Cleveland area. -Lydia

I think I found it. I believe that this is Baltimore Script designed by Tommy Thompson and cut by George Battee for Baltimore Type in 1955.

Not something you see very often.


Great - thanks Rick! -Lydia