Build a platform for a windmill?

Hello everybody,

I’ve searched yesterday on the Briarpress forum without success, so I ask my question:

Is it a good idea or not to build a platform to put my Heidelberg platen on it? (a 8 to 10 cm height - 3 to 4 inches max.)

The idea is to avoid the contact with the floor but also work with more confort. Since I’m working a lot with my back bent.

Thanks a lot for your experience sharing!

Cheers from Brussels


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I had a windmill that was left on a 4x4 skid, it did seem easier to work on.

I have my C4, 8x12, V-50 and Ludlow on platforms.

It makes removing the equipment from the building easier.

I do hate it, because it looks ugly!

I look into my shop and see large platforms taking up the need walk space.

I knew an old printer who had a Heidelberg windmill in his backyard. He had it on skids and put an old screened enclosure around the press.

First time I saw him run the press I almost went through the screened inclosure to get away from it rocking and rolling.

Make sure it’s a solid base, build it before using a crappy skid, the press is heavy, also put a oil pan under the press,
I have most of my stuff on skids, most of them custom build,
as often I have to change stuff around a bit to accommodate
as needed.

A pair of 4x4s or 6x6s are pretty good; shim if it rocks.

thanks all for your answers!

I do not want to use a skid (if I understand well, it’s some sort of wooden pallet).

What I have in mind is to build a custom platform with wooden beam (7 by 7 cm) + multiplex wooden board (3cm thick) and on the top of it I will use my zinc pan (as seen in the picture below)
It will be a frame filled with beams.

The whole plateform will be painted in red ;)

A kind of pedestal if you want!

I know the weight of the windmill => 1.1 Tons when not running, 1.2 Tons when running.
the pressure on the floor is 2.750 Tons per m²!

I will contact my wood supplier to know if the wood can support 2.75T


image: DSCN0943.jpg

I think the wood will be ok, but I would still through bolt it to the floor………

Why bolt it?

Do you think the vibrations could move the machine + the wooden platform?

none of my presses or other equipment is bolted to the floor, every few years I have to move my windmill, kluge and paper cutter back a bit, things will creap a little but its not a big problem.


for me it will be a real problem if my presses move during the year.

I need to be sure that building a platform is a good idea.

I’ve special maintenance guy coming to move it up in two weeks, so I need to take the time to build it.

Do you guys have more experience to share?

Cheers from Brussels

A wood pedestal, if built properly, would be fine. I would bolt the press to the pedestal to insure it does not vibrate off the pedestal, but bolting the whole lot to the floor is unnecessary.

Being wood on a concrete floor vibration may make it move around some, possibly, but that will do no harm.


thanks for answering.

Regarding the bolting, It’s difficult since I’ve a zinc pan under the platen to avoid oil going everywhere and ruining the concrete floor.

If I put some kind of material under the wooden frame / platform to avoid vibration? Like rubber pad or something similar.

I’ve contacted one of my technician, here’s his advice:

The press will not move due to vibration, according to him it’s not possible.

Also he told me that putting the zinc pan up something is not a good idea at all.

Basicaly, he said: go buy 4 wooden beams and put your platen on it (wood should be hard wood, not pine type)