Kesley press - Ink plate/roller problem

I just purchased a 5x8 Kelsey press. Everything appears to be in good working condition aside from one major hiccup. The rollers do not transition from the chase area to/from the ink plate smoothly. They actually don’t transition at all moving up to the ink plate. It looks to me that the ink plate overhangs the chase/bed far too much. I haven’t been able to figure out how the ink plate can be moved back into the right position. Am I missing something?

Any help or ideas would be great!

I’ve attached a couple photos to help illustrate.

image: IMG_3161.JPG

image: rollers stopped by ink plate

rollers stopped by ink plate

image: ink plate overtop chase

ink plate overtop chase

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You are missing roller trucks - metal cillinders about the same diameter as the rollers, placed on both sides of the rollers cores. These would run over your rails, holding the rollers at the right distance from the form/ink disk.

image: image.jpg


Here’s an image of trucks, for reference. I would imagine someone here could supply you with new trucks.

*Edit: Sorry for the redundancy.

image: Trucks.jpg


Wow, thanks! I’m glad the answer is simple. Hopefully I can find someone on here who has these for sale.

Fritz at NA Graphics can sell you trucks

Enjoy your press!


your rollers are not a original design so a original truck is not going to fit on those rollers. If you want a custom truck or a all new set of rollers look me up here or on E-bay.