Shop up for sale

After 2 and half years of fighting it, it over. Complete shop, C4,Ludlow, 8x12 and V-50 many Ludlow and Intertype fonts. And composing saw.

You have to come and get it, I will not ship or pack. I tried of it and listening to people I know tell me I am crazy to be in the business.

All the equipment works, just need someone that want to use it.

You have to sign agreement that one item will be sold or giving to the metal recycle companies.

Shop is located in Houston, Texas and easy to load on to truck, ground level large door.

Asking price is $40,000 or best offer.

image: Aaron with C4 and V-50.jpg

Aaron with C4 and V-50.jpg

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Yes, I love my shop, the world hates it.

It’s sad to see you taking this course of action, I’m sorry to see that you’re trowing in the towel.

Your asking price is quite steep, so I suspect that your true intention is to not actually sell your operation.

I was thinking someone would make me an offer.

Yes, my asking price is high. But, if I make it too low, the people that just buy metal to scrap will buy it.

I want someone that will use the equipment buy it at a fair price, not a scrap metal price.

For the record, I had a not too dissimilar set up. A C3, a Ludlow, more than a hundred fonts of mats, a Kluge, a saw, tools, parts, cameras, I mean a LOT of stuff. To ensure that none of it went to scrappers and that it all went to people who could make use of it, I basically had to pay to make it go away. And that was a close one. The last piece left literally a half hour before we had to hit the road.

I feel anyone paying than $10,000 will use the equipment.

Please someone buy this shop, please make a offer.

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