Email re clssifieds

I appreciate your email regarding the problem with an overkill of classifieds and no more room available. 3 things can be done. 1. Put a time limit on the ad or any other subject being on the web, after that time limit it is automatically deleted - why? Because there has been many there for ages. Put a limit on some types of classifieds whereas others due to the subject may need a little longer. The problems can be be overcome by sending an general email to all your subscribers-outlining that and the need to re– insert it if it is still a current issue or requirement. 2. As in my previous email when I tried to delete it using the instructions on your web site, it does not work. Hence I have 4 classifieds that are just choking the system that just sit there as you are experiencing. I wonder how many others are having the same problem I have?

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