Press suitable for an enthusiastic beginner

Hello, Briar Press Community.
I have been searching for an affordable press for about 3 years now, but haven’t had much luck. I am hoping someone in the Briar Press Community might be able to help.

I have been researching letterpress (and falling in love with it in the process) for a few years. I recently graduated from grad school, and haven’t found full time employment yet, so finances are tight. However, I’m very passionate about the art, and am hopeful someone has a nice press that they are willing to let go to a good home, for a reasonable price. I live in North Carolina, but am from Ohio, and have family in South Carolina and Georgia, so I am open to traveling all throughout that range to pick up a press.

I appreciate any advice or insight that points me in the direction of what I am hoping to find. Thank you all so much.

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