Vandercook 4

Vandercook # 4. Press is in very good working condition. We rescued this from a salvage yard, restored it, and have used it successfully for 7 years. Most likely in need of a tune up, and a little cosmetic TLC. Rollers will need to be recovered. Press is missing the drawers.

Everything to get you set up included; Boxcar base, wood furniture, keys, quoins, folding and perforating bars, packing, ink and some assorted Lettra parent sheets and envelopes if you want them.

Press is located in a garage in Los Angeles with drive up access. You arrange for the moving and transpo of the press. Please contact me with any questions. $9,000 OBO.

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image: press1_22.jpg


image: press2_31.jpg


image: press3_14.jpg