Thin nut for lay bar - what size/where to buy?

I need the thin nuts that go on the lay bar for a Heidelberg Windmill - I have one, but need the other and want a spare.

I ordered part HE-T0269 (or the substitute) for this, but it didn’t fit. Did I order the wrong part?

Does anyone know the size of the nut? Is it common enough to get locally?

The press is a black-ball Windmill.


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If you mean the thin nuts that lock the lower lay bar adjusting screws (using the little tubular werench and a thin screwdriver)…

I bought a few from Whittenberg Inc.
(Not likely to find any easily in the US that thin.)
Lay Bar locking nut: pn B9 (M6 DIN 934)

About $8 each.

Not Rocket science to manufacture your own, (if all else fails) = H.bergs being All metric just lock 2 standard nuts onto standard metric bolt, (washer between to bring the flats in line if necessary) grip in normal bench vice and file down (one) to suit, the hard steel jaws will act as filing line/depth register.
The second nut and original bolt do not have to be sacrificial!!

Good idea to make your own. That’s the route I will probably take. The M6 DIN 934 mentioned by AnonyMouse was what I had, but it won’t thread correctly. Seems like the pitch wasn’t fine enough so I’ll have to get a finer pitch and then grind them down a bit. I’m not real familiar with metric sizes so I’ll do some research.

Thanks for the help and ideas!


Cody thanks, couple more little tricks (possibly) if needs must.
Metric threads are almost as big a minefield as English & American.
Assuming you can source fine thread (metric) nuts, which yours probably are, to be rattle proof on your M/c, quite normal!
3 possible options for manufacture, A:- as above, + B:-, as above but with tiny Angle Grinder, or C:- dummy stub bolt gripped in 3 jaw self centering chuck on even a tiny (Hobby Style) lathe, 2 nuts locked together and just (one required) turned down with carbide or tungsten tipped tool, to whatever dimension required, made accurate down to 3 places of decimals. First grade engineering student`s first lesson.!!
One off or a dozen for maybe 5 Cents per piece.
Good Luck. Hank.

I would cross check to see if the new nuts will/won’t fit the rod that has a nut already.

Could be a damaged rod or an oddball size replacement was used.