First Time Owner! - Golding Pearl Old Style No. 3

Hello everybody! I’m honored and thankful to have been welcomed so warmly into the printmaking community. I recently purchased a Golding Pearl Old Style No. 3 from the fine folks at Hammerpress out in Kansas City, and I’m slowly starting to assemble a studio at my home. I’m in the market for new type (metal, wood, or lead) as well as quoins, keys, chases, new rollers, inks, and other accoutrement! Any information about where I could track down such items would be greatly appreciated, as well as any other things to know about printing on the Pearl! Thanks!

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Hi Luke,
Welcome to the community!

Here are a few good resources to get you started:

Letterpress Inks (tubes and pound cans): (my company)

For odds and ends I would go here:

For rollers, here is a good site:



We can offer new wood type, replacements for missing type, ornaments and borders.
We can cut almost any typeface, send us an image of the design, the size and number of items, we’ll gladly offer an estimate for a custom order.
You can find us on any of the sites:

web -
ebay -
facebook -
etsy -
flickr -

Delia Petrescu

Thanks everyone!