My mimeograph is a lot of fun, however one problem is finding the stencils, and ink pads for the A.B. Dick I’ve gone so far as to make my own, ink pads. If any one out there has any information as to where to find such items please let us know.

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I have a Edison Mimeograph with tons of stencils. I am not sure where I picked it up and not sure where you can find new stencils or pads.

I’ve always wondered if I could make the stencils with paper and wax.

I just acquired from a printer/collector an A B DICK Model
77 complete with auto feed tray, in beautiful condition. I’m looking for an operating manual and a service manual for this 1913 mimeograph. There was a gentleman that posted he had such items. I wrote but didn’t get a reply. They stated that this might not be a legitimate request. If anyone has such material please let me know. I don’t mind downloads, or copies. Will pay for the information if need be.
Thanks if you can help. Sam Keller