C&P 8x12, 10x15/Golding Pearl 3 or 11 (7x11) etc

Hello Briar/LetterPress community!

I am looking for a platen press for my fiancee as a wedding present and also something we can both enjoy doing together.

I would like to find something like:
C&P 8x12
C&P 10x15
Golding Pearl Model 3 (7x11)
Golding Pearl Model 11 (7x11)

Or anything else along the lines of the C&P and a Golding dimensions. (in working condition please if possible)

We are located in Los Angeles, CA.
Please work with me on the Price of the press.

Let me know if you or anyone else is willing to part with their presses to a new owner who will take great care of it together as a couple. =)

Thank you for reading this post.

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