Pilot Press—Completely Refurbished

American Printing Equipment Pilot Press. $2595. or reasonable offer.

One of the best printing table-top presses ever made.

CONDITION: Excellent. Completely refurbished. New rubber rollers; new yoke spring; new clear maple feed board and delivery table. Ever cast iron/steel part has been sand blasted clean, and powder painted gray. This press was made in West Germany circa 1983. Tympan impression is set even for printing from type. Impression will be adjusted to buyers preference.

VERSATILE: Handle is mounted on left side but it can be positioned on the right. Press can be used with metal type, wood type, or photopolymer base.

EXTRAS INCLUDED: Operating instructions; 1 lb. rubber base ink; 2 chases; 2 ink knives; 6 oiled tympan sheets; 12 draw-sheets; 12 translucent sheets; 2 sheets .030” cherry board; 3 gauge pins; 1 full stick sealing wax; 3 quoins; 1 quoin key; small array of wood furniture, reglets, plus some leads and slugs.

DELIVERY: Buyer will arrange delivery from Webster, New York.

INSTRUCTION: A 4 hour session for 1 person is available for $80.00.

CONTACT: Ray Czapkowski, 585-747-1796, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mon. thru Sat. only.

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