This summer, LetterpressAmsterdam opens its workshop to you!

During the months of July, August and September, LetterpressAmsterdam offers you the possibility to use quality type, presses and photopolymer equipment in their workshop, situated right in the centre of the city.
Thomas Gravemaker (typographer, letterpress printer and master of the workshop) will be there to advise, assist and guide you.
• Have you got a specific project in mind?
• Are you just interested to explore and learn about typesetting and printing?
• Do you want to further your knowledge of letterpress?
• Or, maybe just want to be away from the computer for a few days?
Do contact us, and we’ll discuss the possibilities.
All levels welcome.

No more than two persons per workshop,
you will have your own press and you’re guaranteed practical personal attention throughout the week.
Available are: two flatbed cylinder proofpresses (a Vandercook Universal I and a Korrex Hannover), a tabletop platen press, an Adana 8 × 5 platen press, and photopolymer equipment.
Teaching is possible in: Dutch, English, French or German.
5 days, from 10:00–17:00, 400 €, tea, coffee and refreshments included.
For more information:
[email protected]
+31 6 12 45 14 01 / +31 20 341 62 38

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