Farley Proof Press Roller

I have a Farley - a Number 10, possibly; single roller, 28x18.
Being a proof press, the roller does not see ink and it feels a little ‘dry’. Should I be conditioning it with something?
(What’s it made of?)


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When you say your roller does not see the ink, are you expecting to get ink on the roller? The idea is that the ink on the type needs to print on paper between the roller and the type, so the roller height needs to be set to allow for the stock to be printed. There are some good threads on this site for farley proof presses. With a number 10 press I think you have the adjustment wheel for printing with the type in a chase or on a galley.

Hi Frank - not quite what I meant to say.
With a platen press the rollers are of course conditioned and protected by the ink and cleaning solvents. With a proofing press of this type, the paper is between the inked type and the roller, so the roller stays ‘clean’ - no ink.
My roller seems quite dry - it seems to be made of something similar to lino - and I am concerned it may crack.
Is there anything I should be doing to preserve the roller?

Thanks as usual!

I have not had my Farley for very long and I am hoping that by keeping it clean and dust free that should do the job. I use white spirit ( if you are in the uk-not sure what the US call it) for cleaning.
hope that helps.