F.M. Weiler antique German platen tabletop printing press #7

F.M. Weiler’s Liberty Machine Works BERLIN antique Liberty Press / tabletop platen printing press, made 1880’s in Europe/Germany LMW No.7 (# 7 Number 7). Made of heavy cast iron and some wood.

Original paint and detailing is excellent. Very minor, small, surface rust on 1 or 2 spots. Excellent condition overall. No cracks.

It appears to be complete, but I am not sure. Rare in the USA. Made is Europe in Germany about 1881 in Berlin.

Appears to work as it should. Handle pushes forward and compresses the two.

All 4 cast iron legs are present and undamaged. the measurements between 4 bolt holes in legs is 12” X 13” inches. it is 18.5” inches wide, 21” inches tall, 29” inches from the handle to the back, or with the wooden tray attached it is 33” inches to the back. Easily would fit on a nightstand. Nice and compact.

I can meet you or deliver it to for $75 to any New England state or if shipped, I will package in a wooden crate. It is extremely heavy. I’m going to guess 150 lbs.

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