16x20 Copy Camera, MultiGraphics, Dexter, Flat Files, Light

1. Brown 16x20 Copy Camera in working condition with lights and vacuum frame, for making high quality negatives from hard copy

2. Dexter Cleveland Folder with right angle, folds sheet up to 28x44, with extra parts. Dexter Cleveland Folder Model MM with continuous FF feeder. In very good working condition . Has ability to right angle 3x’s. Includes roll-in right angle. Handles up to a 28x44” sheet. Includes two large boxes of scoring / perf wheels and extra parts. Feeder could be used on other large format machines.

3. Addressograph-Multigraph 1227 Offset Printing Press with Davidson Feeder

4. Large Flat File Cabinets, with 5 drawers each. The drawers are 38 3/4 X 50
1/4 inside dimensions and are 2 1/8” deep. The cabinet itself is 40 1/4 X 53

5. Small Flat File Cabinet, with 25 drawers. The drawers are 21 1/2 X 30 inside dimension. They are 1” deep. The cabinet is 24 1/2 X 34 1/4

6. Tilted Top Light Table / Drawing Table with sliding T-Square

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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image: Brown 16x20.jpg

Brown 16x20.jpg

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