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My wife and I are heading out to Portland, Oregon for 6 days at the beginning of August for a conference that she is attending. While she is there, I would like to get out and see as many of the local letterpress/print shops as I can. I have done some research online through Letterpress Commons and have come across this list thus far:

- CC Stern Type Foundry
- Lark Press
- Darling Press
- Oblation Papers & Press

I know there has to be more and if any of you out there could recommend a place or two, I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

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Stumptown Printers.



Thanks, Rick and dicharry. They have been added to my list.

Just thought of a great way to find local letterpress/print shops in Portland, OR.

On the home page here click on Yellow Pages. Then click on All states & provinces and then scroll down to Oregon. Once that opens, simply find a Portland listing and click on the word Portland. That will open all the Portland, OR listings.

There are a LOT there!!!!! Be aware that some may no longer be in existence and that others aren’t on the list at all (MeeganKeegan for instance). But it will give a great variety of places to check on.


Thanks for the tip Foolproof546. I am new to this site and searched the forum for previous discussions, but never noticed the Yellow Pages feature. Thanks so much for the advice! Will do.

I was just in Portland and had the pleasure to visit Flight64. They have a nice Kelsey and a Vandercook proofing press, along with etching, relief, litho and screenprinting facilities for use by their members. Nice place. They are very much like our scrappy little print studio here in Nashville.

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