Type cabinet with type, lots of printing tools for sale

For sale:

Unusual size type cabinet - type cases are approximately 12” x 24”. Holds 28 type cases, all filled with type, plus have 6 extra empty type cases.

Ten 12.5” square type cases, all filled with type.

Plastic cabinet with 60 small drawers (meant for screws & nails), all filled with spacing of various sizes.

Several packages of new, unused type, as well as several tied fonts of type.

Composing stick

Miscellaneous cuts

Lots of leading and rule

Slug cutter

5”x7” Boxcar base

Wickersham quoins, I think of at least two different sizes

Galley cabinet (wide and deep, but only maybe 18” tall)

Lots of galleys

Some of the typefaces:
Bernhardt Gothic Medium (several sizes)
Bernhardt Modern Roman (several sizes)
Bernhardt Modern Roman Italic (several sizes)
Bernhardt Gothic Medium Italic (several sizes)
Bernhardt Tango (several sizes)
Bernhardt Fashion
Huxley Vertical
20th Century Medium
Park Avenue

Selling all for $1000. Must pick up or arrange shipping yourself.

Apologies for the photos. They were correctly oriented, but then rotated when uploaded for some reason.

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