Help identifying these typefaces

Does anyone know anything about these typefaces (ie. name, creator, origin, etc)?

image: 1.png


image: 2.png


image: 3.png


image: 4.png


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You first face is Demeter, designed by P.A. Demeter for Typoart. I don’t have a date for that.

Your second face is Ornata, designed by O.H.W. Hadank in 1928 for Klingspor.

The last two look like 19th Century faces and I donlt have the time to look for them right now.


Thanks for identifying the first two, Rick. :)

I will wait for the other two when you can get to them.

Try the web site You can “walk” through identification by appearance on the upper left of the home page. We have used this for a bit and it works very well. Good luck.

It would be an immense help if you could tell what the pinmark looks like or says on the last two faces. That usually narrows down the search time considerably. If you don’t have that information, all is not lost, but it will be a much more arduous amount of materials to look through to try to find your faces.


Your fourth face is Philadelphian from the Johnson Foundry in the late 19th Century.


No. 3 script matches type that I have. Mine’s got a Deberny & Piegnot pinmark. I have not been able to identify it yet.

It came from Mangis Typesetting in Pittsburgh, PA and they called it “Old Lace” which is probably not the foundry name.


Thanks for all the help in identifying the typefaces. Are any of these typefaces still being casted today?

I don’t have any Deberny & Peignot catalogs so I can’t help you to ID No. 3.

I very much doubt if any of these faces are still being cast today.


No.3 appears to be Fran├žaise Blanche from Deberny & Peignot 1926 vol. II.