MM Kelton Survey

I recently bought a MM Kelton etching press. In trying to learn more about them I realized there is very little information out there about the company. I’m looking for more information on the different types of presses they made (I know of an etching press and also a die stamping press). I’m also trying to compile a time line of the company in regards to their addresses as well. Right now I know they were established in 1840 and the last date I have for them is 1918. If you have or had one, could you answer the following questions. Most of the questions will pertain to an etching press because I know a little more about them at this point. Any information you can give would be a great help. Thanks!

What type of press is it?
What is the bed size?
Does it have a D-cylinder accompanied by a cutout bed?
Does it have full cylinder with a full bed?
What is the full name of the company as it appears on the press?
What is the address?

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Hi - just found this post:

I have a MM Kelton press
Bed 22x48
Top Roller 7x22 1/8
Bottom Roller diameter 16, width 17
Legs 27 3/8 x 34 at the feet

Address 187 Lafayette St New York

If you have any information I would love to know - like yourself interested in any information on these presses