Rollers what kind?

Now that all the information i possibly need to get new rollers. What kind of rollers should i get for a beginner, rubber or the linoleum i think it is. Is there a difference for me? I was thinking well maybe i should start out with what ever i can afford since thata usualy a driving factor lol

Any help or advice?

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Well, there are three options:

The traditional letterpress rollers.
Pros: Give the best ink spread, very forgiving in terms of bad setups. Inexpensive
Cons: Short lifespan (3-6) years. Swell up in the summer, shrink down in winter. Can get very sticky. Develop poke marks, disintegrate on contact with water. Are considered a rare delicacy by mice.

Pros: Much longer lifespan. Much more stable against the elements.
Cons: Almost twice as expensive as composition. Might take a bit more effort to get comparable inking.

Pros: Less expensive then rubber (but still more so then composition). Last for about 10 years. Inking - a little better then rubber.
Cons: When it finally comes a time for these to die, they suddenly explode into a puddle of stinky greenish goo, that is nearly impossible to clean off.

Thanks for your info…