Douglas comp saw blade replacement

I have aquired a Douglas comp saw recently and want to remove the circular blade to have it sharpened. I can raise the blade enough to get at the screws etc, but am not sure if I need to just unscrew the three screws on the left hand side, or if there is more to it that this. There is also three small blade things sticking out that are adjustable, which appear to be for trimming as well.
Has someone got a manual that could scan and email me how to go about removing and replacing, and adjusting the blade. Or give me basic instructions if it’s real simple!

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Graham, I have a Douglas saw Parts List which includes a single page of operating instructions which I will attach. There is a brief note on changing the blade and it seems quite simple (I haven’t tried it yet). It’s a battered and oily document, but I hope it helps. My saw was made in Sydney, I suspect some time in the 1960s. And what an invaluable tool it is!

image: Douglas Trimming Saw.jpeg

Douglas Trimming Saw.jpeg

PS - if this is hard to read at the resolution allowed by the site, let me know and I’ll send you a sharper scan.

General ramblings.?? Not taken as gospel.
The spindle is usually carried in 2 sealed/pre-packed bearing races running and fixed in the horizontal plane, implying that there is no factored in adjustments, i.e. the hub rises and falls precisely ONLY to keep the register constant in relation to the feed table and side gauge.!
Again generally the blade (factory original) is located with a register shoulder, on the hub, with 3 countersunk screws, originally screwdriver slot but in recent times replaced with, Countersunk *Allen* screws, High tensile,

In recent years, your *Things* = Trimmers have been dispensed with, discarded or backed off, because with the advent of Tungsten or Carbide tipped blades, the wider tips being Tungsten etc. give a virtually perfect finish, plus, the side gauge is set to zero with the, normally provided,test equipment constructed with 2 steps (A) for the teeth to register against and (B) for the Trimmers to register against, still required with original Non Tipped blade, but NOT required with Tungsten tipped blade.

I’d really like to get a high res copy of any documents regarding the P.K. Douglas saw please.

Hi Michael, I have one of these saws, nice little machine. Thanks for posting the parts list/instructions. I’d love to get a hi-res file of that.

I’m particularly interested in the auxhilary side table and what the slot function looks like with its accessory (a rip fence, I’m thinking).


Just a quick note to the folks posting in this thread asking for the high-res file. Please note that Briar Press is not configured to notify people of replies so the original poster may well have no idea you’ve made the request. You can click on their username and message them directly, though.

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