Press Evaluation in Houston

Are there any BPers in Houston that would be willing to evaluate a press for me before I make an offer? It is a 10x15” Chandler & Price letterpress - (Cypress area). I would be willing to pay for your help.



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I live in Houston, but have no extra time to go see the press.
email some photos I might be able to help.

[email protected]

Things to look at: rollers, (do they need to be replaced) new rollers are about $130 (+-) each new.

Is the motor in working order?

Does the press operate smoothly?

howdy. see the press here, observations/value/opinions welcome.



Drive up to Iowa. I’ve got a great 10x15 NS that I’d let go for way less than half this price. ;-)

The press shown looks to be in excellent condition. Close the platen and give it a good firm tug. It should have much, if any, play.


thank you Brad - I have never been to Iowa, might be nice this time of year, what are the details on your press sir?

Oh I have many. I was just running my mouth. If you seriously want to come to Iowa then just contact me through the profile page. I have a nice 10x15 new series that I’d let go for $1200 or so. Variable speed motor. Brake. Crankshaft if you want to add treadle.

I would be more than happy to take a look at the press . I am not an expert but i can let you know if it will print or not . I own a full service Letterpress shop not too far from Cypress. I own 6 kluge presses and print almost daily.Give me a call or email me and we can schedule a time to take a look at it.

Shawn Littleford
Littleford Letterpress
[email protected]

Mr. Littleford, did you get this link?


From the photos it look like a good press.

The listing price sound fair.