c&p new style platen stuck

I packed my c&p 12x1 tightly and engaged the platen before the motor had time to warm up. It made an impression without getting stuck, but my throw off lever is finicky and I didn’t manage to throw off before it closed again and the platen is stuck. I’ve done this before to a lesser degree and was able to rock the flywheel back no problem. This isn’t budging, and the pulley just spins inside the motor belt if I turn on the motor.


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got it unlocked with the help of my dad and brother. brute strength won today & my press seems to be running at 100%.

nothing like a heart attack mid-run to get you going on a tight deadline!

Electric motors don’t need to warm up. I would check your packing, for it to jam something is not correct. It should freely want to cycle back. How hard are you hitting the image?