Miehle Vertical pump diaphragms

I can hear the diaphragms in my V-50 getting louder. Does anyone have a source for purchasing the air pump diaphragms
for a Miehle V-50?

Replaced mine several years ago and I can’t recall who I got the diaphragms from.


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Jack Beale, I believe you can get parts from him, can’t remember where he is located.

Jack Beall is located :
2085 Orchard Lane
Carpentersville, Illinois 60110

Phone # 847-426-7958
Fax 847-426-7793

Thanks, I’ll give him a call.


Pump diaphragms ordered from Jack Beall and on the way. Thanks for the reminder about using Jack for diaphragms.

I went to put his name in my rolodex (old school I know) and he was already in there!