C&P 8x12 OS / Golding Pearl 11 with treadle

I am out of space and have to many projects.

We are going to build a new building in the spring but i still need a little more money for the construction and also need to reduce my footprint before winter.

C&P 8x12 OS - motorized - SOLD
Includes 2 chases

Golding Pearl 11 - With treadle - SOLD - Missing treadle shaft (thing that connects treadle to main shaft)
Includes 2 chases

I also have a C&P 10x15 OS that was dropped and destroyed (not by me). It is in a sad state, but it does still have quite a few good parts, let me know if you are looking for a specific part.

I do have the ability to deliver within a couple of hundred miles for a reasonable price.

Pictures here

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