My homemade letterpress organizer


Well i been buying plastic boxes to sort out my tiny collection of spacers, fonts and what not. Well numerous boxes later, i realized these boxes are like stacking ice cubes. They just slide off one another.

So i built myself a organizer for it. It is not as beautiful as them old wood cases. But it works…

So here is my organizer i built, though i think i will need to build another one. Cost me about $60 i in metal angle brackets, and 3 pieces of pine…

image: image.jpeg


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Invention out of necessity… isn’t it great!


I am just hoping they dont ever stop selling those size boxes lol….

Well if your buying them at Walmart you better buy a lifetime supply. Once you get to using something they quit carrying it.

Oh no i stay away from most walmart crap… Lol. Plus they are to expensive at walmart lol