Feedback on Shop Layout

I am moving in two weeks. I draw out a layout for placement.

the space is 13 ft x 40 ft.

See if I over looked something.

image: layout.jpg


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What’s the plan for the 10x13 foot space at the front of the shop?


Even if you have to bump the production space into the front 10 feet reserved for retail/office space, I’d swap the presses so that folks will see the C&P. You have noted before how people relate to it, so having it front and center (as it were) will be more compelling to the walk in customer.

I don’t see an obvious place for paper/ink storage, but if you can put up shelving, there should be plenty of places to put it. Good to put the imposing stone right near the presses.

No one can see the shop, seeing that their is a small office as you walk in about 13x8 than a hallway with an office to the right side, down the hallway is door to the restroom than the shop area.

The open space is at the rear of the shop and leaves room for growth. Are for a nice G Scale model railroad.

I have a suggestion. I have my shop layout, done in a way the job comes in the front and makes it’s way back to the door. Jobs travel through shop on carts. From front, Typesetting area, Stone, Press room, Cutter and then Delivery area, by front door. I also have a Xerox up front, so I don’t have to turn anything away. I do full color & b&w flyers on the Xerox.

Your composing saw and stone should be right by where your type comes from your C4 and Ludlow. Then as you set-up your form, carry it to anyone of your presses behind you, these should only be steps apart. Then from your press area to your cutter, up front. This will increase your efficiency if you get real busy.

2nd explanation. Possible to put your C4, Stone, Saw, Ludlow on one side.

Press, Press, Press, Cutter up front, delivery area. smoother transition.
Also, have an area, where your order slip can follow you as you move thru shop. Details need to be followed. GOOD LUCK AT THIS LOCATION!!

I revised the layout. The press and line casters are line up for 220 wiring, easier if everything is in a line.

image: layout.jpg