Search for Knowledge - Help Appreciated - Heidelberg Windmills, Cronites

Hi, I’m new to both this community and to printing but I’m looking for help. We have a long-standing business in which we do a lot of work using both automatic and manual feed presses (mostly cronites) and heidelberg windmills for a variety of work with foils, panel shaping, etc.

I’ve been searching for information / research on how to best run the equipment, better setup techniques, and a better setup in terms of the tools we use to handle all aspects of processing. I haven’t found much and I’m hopeful, after reading several posts, that I’ve finally found a community who can help me.

If you know sources online or people I can contact (or if you would be willing to speak or communicate electronically with me) please let me know.

Thank you in advance for any tips, pointers, or direction you can provide.


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I do consulting, operational and safety training.
You can mail me thru this site.
Theo Bell