Heidelberg Windmill Bowden Cable Attachment issues

Hi all. I recently acquired a Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 Black Ball and am in the process of cleaning it up but need to replace a few missing parts.

One major piece that was missing was the Bowden Cable which runs from back of the ‘Original Heidelberg’ guard/lever to the flywheel side of the press and the hardware to attach it. I picked these up from a Heidelberg user on Instagram but am having some trouble installing them.

My press has two of the metal hanging piece with two screw holes in it - one behind the throwoff arm/lever and one on the flywheel side near the clutch (where I understand they are typically located).

I’ve chatted with and seen photos from the above mentioned Windmill user about attachment. His press has the circular loop end of the Bowden cable attached with a bolt through it to where the hanging piece on mine is attached on the back of the guard lever. The bolt or rivet holding this swinging metal piece on mine doesn’t seem to come off. I tried prying with a screwdriver and trying to turn with vice grips. No set screw holding it in place or any apparent way to remove it.

It seems on mine like maybe the cable was attached to the two screw holes on the hanging piece at one point (I’ve got a few of the square pieces with groove in them with the two matching holes in my tool drawer). If you squint at the photo it almost seems like there’s an impression in the grease of the circular loop end of the cable above the two threaded holes. (Though maybe that’s my imagination…)

My press is also missing the safety lever on the backside of the guard which doesn’t seem necessary to operation but is a safety issue.

Has anyone every seen a press like this? Is it possible to attach the cable directly to this piece with the two holes?

image: photo1.JPG


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Also, I should add an additional, possibly related note. I have turned on the press and ran it without the Bowden Cable installed to make sure everything is running correctly otherwise.

After engaging the clutch, it cycles through one impression and then the clutch pops out and the flywheel continues to run. Is that because there’s no tension on the clutch safety mechanism on the flyhweel side, due to the absence of the cable?

Without feeding stock the press will shut off after a cycle, you need to pull the knob to trip suction and then it will run without feeding stock. If you are feeding stock then you need to adjust the trip point. It is the thing sticking straight out right under the trip knob.

If I recall my cable is only held on by metal straps. In your pic the set of holes at the bottom left hold the cable with the outer part. Inner cable runs between the other 2 holes on the part that swings on the guard lever.

As jfeltz said about the cycle and such, he is spot on. As for the cable, you can use any type cable or wire that will fit through the guides to make this item work. As for the lever on the black ball models I believe most did not have them, I have on of each a black and red ball, lever on the red ball only. hope this helps…

jfeltz and b.boroscak - Thank you for the information and assistance on this! This is very helpful.

phansbarger and b.biroscak both of my black balls have that lever, a 54 and 55. Maybe pre roller bearing models might not have the lever? What is the serial number on your press, under 45,xxx?

As you know you are correct, forgot about the roller bearings, its cool that there is always someone who knows (sometimes they think they know everything) out there to give a helping hand. My serial 43,799 Black ball, 153,554 Red.

b.biroscak I guessed on the serial number. My 54 is a 49,xxx and has bearings and the lever. Just from what I have seen some where around that 45,xxx everything changes. I would of guessed all windmills had the lever though! And I am far way from knowing it all, just ask the wife. Ha!

took these pictures today, looks like you have the cable the wrong way round the flat metal bit connects near the trip, I thought I got that picture but I was a bit to close hope they help anyway, John

image: SAM_0221.JPG


image: SAM_0222.JPG


image: SAM_0227.JPG