Heidelberg Windmill - Red Ball

Fully restored and in working condition Heidelberg Windmill, platen press (Red ball) - South Florida, USA

Our dear Heidi is letterpress-ready. We got it from a dealer back in 2012 - made its way to sunny Miami from Michigan but we must let her go. Went through the machine and changed many parts, the original Heidelberg plate got lost during freight. It is in production now.

• Minimally used rollers
• Used base
• Chase
• Furniture
• Sheet metal basin to catch oil
• Quoins and Tool
• New Sucker Rubbers
• Pre-cut tympan

We also have lead type we can throw in.
$5000 US

Pick up preferred.

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image: 2016-03-25 12.20.46.jpg

2016-03-25 12.20.46.jpg

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2016-03-25 12.22.56.jpg

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2016-03-25 12.23.35.jpg