Wanted, Historical information on the Improved Invincible press

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for any information on platen press which has a plate on it saying (“Improved” Invincible sole agent FT Wimble & CO Sydney). I would say it is turn of the century with a large spoked wheel. It looks similar to the Lightning Jobber. Mine needs some TLC so any information and pictures would be very helpful. I maybe able to up load some pictures later.

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It might be an Australian import from Figgins in the UK. Wimbles were agents for Figgins, who produced special editions of their catalogues for Australian printers, overprinted with Wimbles’ company name. Figgins were not press manufacturers, but sold “badged” presses made by other UK engineers.

I will check the Australian Figgins/Wimbles catalogues at St Bride on Tuesday to see if the Improved Invincible appears in their stock list.

Thanks very much, that would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few pic’s

image: letterpress press 6.JPG

letterpress press 6.JPG

image: letterpress press 5.JPG

letterpress press 5.JPG

image: Letterpress press 4.JPG

Letterpress press 4.JPG

image: letterpress press 3.JPG

letterpress press 3.JPG

image: Letterpress press 2.JPG

Letterpress press 2.JPG

image: Letterpress press 1.JPG

Letterpress press 1.JPG

Just bumping this post… Still looking for some info, we are about to begin to restore it, so any info would help.