Photopolymer Plates (Australia)


I was just wondering if anyone knows of someone in Australia who makes photopolymer plates.

I was also wanting to know, if there is anyone in Australia who sells Tympan paper for an Adana 5x8 and Kort pins or Henry gage pins, I only need a few to get me started.

Many thanks


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I use David Simpson Graphics (Melbourne) when I need polymer plates.

For the rest of your requests I rely on generous Australian letterpress printers or mail order NA Graphics in the U.S.

Hope this helps.


These guys are good, although their website has disappeared! Maybe they are gone??

Novagraphics Engraving
Address: 20/ 17-21 Bowden Street, Alexandria New South Wales 2015
Phone: 02 9699 7976

I’ve used these guys a few times. Good to date. Novagraphics still going. Their work is 99.9% magnesium though and aren’t interested in polymer. Could do A4 max if pushed.


Gus Battistuzzi

PH: 9892 3977
FX: 9892 3944
MOB: 0412 460 333

Hi Kate, David Simpson Graphics here in melbourne are very good when it comes to photopolymer letterpress relief plates; and if you gang your plates up and minimise the image area (crop the pdf to encompass the actual image only) you can keep your plate cost down.
Graphic Metal Plates in queensland are great for supply of magnesium plates which I use for hot foiling only.
As far as tympan paper the days of oiled manilla are long gone! Don’t waste your money just cut up some 150gsm gloss art, does the job beautifull. I did my apprenticeship as a letterpress machine minder in 1970, if you need any advice just sing out…I own seagull press in belgrave cheers! Dan Kuhl