Letterpress moved from Montana to California

About 2008 a couple from California stopped by my newspaper office in Fairfield, Montana. Years earlier, he had purchased the letterpress that had published the Fairfield Times.
He had rebuilt the press and was using it at the time.
I would appreciate any help in re-connecting with the owner of that press for a future story related to the history of the Fairfield Times (now Sun Times) and the community.

image: FairfieldTimes.jpg


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Do you remember the name of the couple? Also the make/model of the press. I would try googling that first. If that produces no results try joining the letpress listserv e-mail list and asking the list this question.

how to join: http://ladiesofletterpress.blogspot.com/2009/02/letpress-i-hardly-knew-y...

rules of the listserv: http://www.fiveroses.org/letpresslist.htm

Good luck! I’m in Butte, MT and it’s always nice to see other Montanans on Briar :)


Thanks, Christa. I believe it was a Miele or Heidelberg. I have a few photos of the press when it was still installed, but as I recall, the photos do not show the press builder. I will find those photos and see if I can add to this post.