Noble & Hunt Screw Press, flat plate embossing or coining

This is a little unusual for this list, but I think it might be interesting to some. It is a manual screw press with long counterweight arm. The main screw is 4-lead, 2.25” diameter with stop-set. Early 20th century or late 19th. This type of press can be used for blanking, coining, embossing, or printing. Approximate power estimated to be 20 tons. (enough to strike dime or penny size coins in copper or silver) The press bed is 12” x 15”. It may have originally been used to press the12” metal ceiling tile panels that were so popular at that time. The ram holds a 2” diameter shank. Maximum throw is about 4”. It’s mounted on a sturdy steel table, but can be taken off for moving. The whole thing weighs slightly less than a ton. We can load to your truck or trailer, either in pieces or assembled. The counterweight arm lifts off and the weights are removable. It’s a nice press with classic styling, and very useful, but we have several other presses capable of doing all the tasks that it can handle, and we need the space. $2000 or best offer.

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image: Noble-Hunt-Press-01.JPG


image: Noble-Hunt-Press-02.jpg