Larger Platen or Proof Press

I currently have a Kelsey 6x10, but am looking for a proof press and/or 12x18 platen press to handle larger work. I’m trying to get what I need to open a letterpress shop (run by myself and 1-2 of my friends). I’m a graphic designer that works frequently with musicians and other creative types that have wants/needs for larger prints.

I would prefer a proof press because I have more experience with cylinder presses, but I want a larger platen press as well.

I live in north Alabama but am willing to travel to pick up equipment.

I work 8-5 every day, so if you have something I may be interested in and want to call, please leave a message as I am unable to answer during the day. I can call back once I leave work.

Or feel free to email or text me as well.

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