Identify Fonts

I have tried to look through catalogs to identify these fonts. Could anyone shed any knowledge about them.

image: IMG_4800.jpg


image: IMG_4801.jpg


image: IMG_4802.jpg


image: IMG_4803.jpg


image: IMG_4804.jpg


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The last four pictures show Globe Gothic Condensed, brought out by ATF about 1900, a M.F. Benton design. Earlier versions (about 1895) of Globe Gothic (not Condensed) were called Taylor Gothic and Quentell. Off hand, I don’t know what the top picture shows.

Thank you Bob. I tried to identify the font but I’m glad to see knowledgable professionals like you can help out. I really appreciate it. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a data base to go to and look up fonts. Again thank you.

Hi Larry,

What you have is Tourist Gothic from Monotype. It was issued as a standard gothic design but Sol Hess designed a set of alternate caps in 1928. It is these alternate caps that are in your font and why it does not show up in some specimens of Tourist Gothic.


I should have mentioned that the comment above applies to the face shown in your first photo. Bob is correct on the remaining photos.


Thank you Rick. I did see Tourist Gothic but they were different. OK. So these are alternative caps. Thanks.