Craftsmen Monarch 9x12 Assistance

Thanks for the help everyone! Really enjoyed learning on this press and needed all the help I could get :)

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congratulation on finding that press
your going to find there is not a lot of monarchs out there, you may have to find someone with a similar Superior. large hand presses can be a little tricky you do not have the clamp pressure of a floor press. They also changed late models are lighter and have there own quarks, finding someone with same casting look is going to be your best bet. I would recommend some magnet type high spacers. put one in each corner of chase turn in pressure screws till all corners just touch. use that as your starting point if you get to out of square start over with them again. with out a common starting point it is difficult to get square.

image: craftsman 011.jpg

craftsman 011.jpg

Thanks toddpresstime! It is a great press and there is not a lot of info out there on the webs for them, I’ll look in to the Superior though, that is super helpful. Thanks for the advice!

I bought one brand new back in 1985. Had a lot of trouble printing on it. What year is this one?

Not sure of the year, tried to get as much info as I could about the press. I know it’s made of steel and at some point they were made of aluminum.