Rosback, Potdevin, Ludlow, Intertype, Kwik-Print, & More!!

Hello, and thank you for your interest and for taking the time to check out our classified post. We have a pretty decent collection of cool antique/vintage industrial print stuff as well as other random items. We’ll go ahead and break down the following items into categories according to Manufacturer and/or their similarities. Keep in mind that uploading photos to BP Classifieds is sometimes unsuccessful even for just one photo. So if something peaks your interest, let us know and we’ll send photos via email to give you a visual.
I have a number of keys, mold wipers, belts, cabinet doors for both Universal style and regular slant top.
I have 22 different types and sized Self Quadding Composite sticks.
I have a leather belt for the Ludlow Model “M” (142 A) and a spare electrical box that is in excellent condition and up to current standards.
POTDEVIN. **used** (pics available)
I have the better part of a 2R9-69
and most of a 12” Marginal Gluer in great condition
I have three brass rollers sizes 12”, 21”, and 27”
& Feed Rollers, Glue Rollers, and 12” Rubber rollers,
Gear and Pulley Covers: I have Two ZA-84 and one ZA-845
Many Gears and Pulleys
Springs, Screws and accessories
Contact us if interested and we’ll do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.
“Rosco Punching Machine” made by F.P. Rosback, complete with original parts is a beautiful piece of industrial history. I wanted to make it my desk in my home office but then I received a new desk as a gift. Inquire about photos if interested.
KWIK-PRINT Model 86 with a bunch of accessories. It is without the foil rollers however, other than that, its ready to go.
I also have a huge selection of different colored and/or metallic foil. And I cannot forget ribbon.. I’ve got quite a bit and its all for sale.. inquire about images
I have a number of Molds and Mold Liners and also a 6 Mold Disc available for sale. I also have a small collection of Intertype/Linotype stars, belts, and other random parts including magazines and matrices.

Well, there you have it.. there’s more, trust me.. just feel free to contact me with an inquiring email/text or call. I’d be glad to talk with you. Thank you for your time thusfar.


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