Entire letterpress shop

Entire letterpress shop:

1927 vintage 12 x 18 C&P with Kluge auto feed. Print and diecut. Very good running condition, decent rollers.

1910 (I think) 8 x 12 C&P hand fed with motor drive. Very good running condition with Boxcar base, new rollers.

Mid 1950’s Heidelberg Windmill converted to foil/emboss/diecut only. Inking unit and arms removed to accommodate custom made side-to-side digital foil feed. Able to mount large diameter rolls. Runs great and very accurate.

18” Triumph 4810A Cutter - Excellent condition - Electric drive with manual pressure clamp, extra blade, cutting sticks.

4” x 5” Imperial hand operated foil stamper. Great for napkins, business cards, letterhead and other short run items.

12” Virkotype hand feed thermography tunnel with various thermo powders.

Various press accessories and parts including Hamilton furniture rack, marble make up stone, ink, foil, manual foil cutter, etc.

After 40+ years I’m done. Located 1.5 hours southwest of Denver, CO. You move all. First $ 7,500 takes it.

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