Krause corner rounder

Hi there. I recently acquired a Krause corner rounder. It needs a new die, or at least it needs to be sharpened. I wonder if anybody on BP has any info on this model, I’ve been looking for a manual but haven’t had any luck. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dave.

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Dave, yes I have the Krause machine. Actually two of them, a foot operated one and a hand one like yours. Great machines. You should be able to get the cutter sharpened at the same place that sharpens paper cutter knives, the last time I had one sharpened was by LA Grinding in Los Angles. Care must be taken when you put a knife in the machine or you will dull it instantly, it must never touch the knife at the bottom, it is designed to shear past the bottom knife. I have a couple of Challenge Round Corner machines as well as a CMT machine and all the knives look the same however, I have never tried to interchange them. Great machine, it’s a real machine, very well built…it will run circles around a Lasco…get it? Bud.

Hi Bud.

Thanks of the response - it’s certainly a well made piece of kit… I’m very happy with it. I don’t seem to see a second blade however. The blade runs sheer past the small adjustable tray. Perhaps I’m missing a piece? Or is that the second knife?


Dave, the small adjustable piece at the bottom is the bed knife. It must be of the same radii as the upper knife, have them sharpened at the same time. When installing or just adjusting the knives, you lower the top knife down (have someone hold the lever for you) while you move the bottom knife toward the now lowered top knife, they must just barely kiss, but not actually in firm contact…it’s kind of a feel situation. I always use a piece of chip board under every lift I put in the machine. If when cutting you pave a poorly cornered lift…flip it over and do that corner again. Your stacks MUST be well jogged for best results. Bud

Whether the machine is working or not .Where are you located.You can find out a printing machine owner who is having a cutting machine.You can ask him where he is sharpening his cutting machine knife From there you can sharpen your corner cutting machine BladeYou have to sharpen only the top blade.I will try to find out a blade sharpener and let you know. Thanks.