Italian wood type

There is some Italian wood type for sale on the internet. I understand type high is .928 in Europe. Would I have to have 1/100” shaved off the type or is that something I could handle with packing?

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If you were running the type alone, you could certainly handle the issue with packing, or at worst, a platen adjustment. If you are running mixed forms, you would have to make adjustments with packing, meaning you would need the ability to remove/add that .010 difference.

Other than that there shouldn’t be a problem—just don’t mix the Italian fonts in with .918 standard fonts!

It is fairly well documented that there are several differing *Type* heights across Europe, inc. wood letter and foundry type.
Generally, if it is to be used as stand alone,! well within the parameters of Clamshell platen via Packing and Impression.

As stand alone, on the Parallel Approach = Childs,s play.!!

Beyond that, i.e. for intermingling, that situation was resolved a long time ago, (mainly with Type of French origin normally several Thou, TOO high.)??

The method, whole formes/chases locked up, and planed down, FACE DOWN, En Masse, chase bolted down on the bed of an Engineers Milling Machine and Milled down to within plus/minus .001”-.003” — Worn Foundry Type, and/or Wood letter have not been that accurate for a long long time.

The only variation on the Milling Machine was/is that the normally used *End Mill* is substituted with a “Fly cutter”, ground and contoured by “Professional Cabinet Maker*

The Fly Cutter, by its very action, takes a wide swathe at every pass, leaves the Feet of the Type very accurate,! and obviate,s all the Patching up/Making ready,

How many times have we heard that, when trying to use 72 Pt. main line, with only 3 cap (E),s available and ONE is too low, so it is a patch up on The Run, etc. etc.

The above, In essence, High Tech., variation of Blocking Down/Facing very large output, (72 Pt. etc.) from the *LUDLOW* here U.K. generally referred to as >Stereo Rubber< ???