Fancy Typeface Identification Help

Can anyone please offer any ideas as to what typeface this is?
I’ve been searching online with no luck. =(

image: MysteryType.jpg


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It looks to be Tuscan Floral, as found in the Skyline Type catalog:

Thank you for your help!!!

Harry Weidemann in Nyassa, Oregon privately cast a revival of this face in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. It is his matrices that eventually ended up with Charles Broad and now reside at Skyline Type Foundry.

He had named it Floradora.

The earliest showing that I have found of it shows it as Extra Ornamented #2 from Stevens Shanks c. 1840. It was shown as Ornamented #3 by Caslon c. 1854 and also was shown as Figgins No.2. A very well-traveled design.


This showing better matches Bruce’s Two-Line Pica Ornamented No. 23, so more information is needed. Does it appear to be an older casting? Those old original castings had different numbers for the different sizes and each size differed in small details. The only reason that I would say this is that the center-swirl, on the letter “I”, is in the opposite direction to the modern casting’s. It would help, when posting, for identification, to state the size and other characteristics of the cutting, if an accurate identification is wanted.

Dave Greer