Letterpress/Composing Stone - $200 OBO

Hello, I was referred to this site by someone on Craigslist to try to sell my composing stone/letterpress (or whatever it is!). Clearly I have no idea what this thing is. This table was in my barn in Austin, TX, when we bought our house. The dimensions are 65” (length) x 39” (width) x 38.5” (height). The table is EXTREMELY heavy and will be difficult to move. I contacted the manufacturer (The Challenge Machinery Co.), and they said that this was built in Chicago between 1903 and the early 1920s. The guy I spoke with said he believes it was originally a table to hold type chases for a printing press? I’m asking $200 OBO. Pick-up from Austin, TX.

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image: IMG_1718.JPG


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