Ania & Martin Ciolkosz, owner 

imPRESSed (Craft Bindery & Letterpress) Studio

imPRESSed Studio is family owned bindery/letterpress outfit that was crystalising over number of years until 2015, when we decided to devote ourselves full time to its success.
Our roots are in book collecting, but unlike many collectors who turned into dealers, we went the other way: into book conservation and binding. From here it was only small step into world of letterpress, under pretenses of recreating missing parts of the books on authentic archaic equipment.
Currently we offer books restoration, book binding, hand finishing as well as foiling. Bespoke letterpress projects printed from loose type, Intertype or Ludlow casted slugs, woodtype or plates, executed on anything from 1853 Columbian to 1950 Platen. We do training programs and presentations for schools and individuals.