C&P 8x12 Tutor/Mentor

I have a fully restored foot treadle C&P 8x12, thanks to Tony at Typehigh Press located in Rochester NY. I received instruction at Dock2 Press, Genesee Arts Center and took several other classes and workshops across Upstate NY. I have all of the accessories - ink, furniture, Boxcar base etc. needed to start printing. What is needed now is to pick up my training where I left off. Years away from printing has left me really rusty.

Unfortunately soon after I set up my print shop a few years ago we moved out of state and my shop was shuttered and all the equipment went into storage. Now back in Upstate, I need to return to learning this craft, but to get back at it I need a tutor/mentor willing to give me lessons at my house (well, technically in my garage) for an hourly fee a few times a week. Weekday mornings and mid-afternoons are preferable. Weekends generally are open and flexible.

I’m going to be working with photopolymer and metal - so a person skilled in working with plates and hand-setting type would be ideal.

If you have a shop and need an intern or help, I am open to a work exchange in lieu of paying or in addition to paying a tutoring fee.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, send your experience, hourly rate and availability my way and we can connect via email.

Thanks in advance for your replies! :)

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