Heidelberg 11x15 windmill

Our windmills grippers are not stopping in the right place. I have checked the universal joint in the drive and it seems ok


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Just spoken with our U.K. Graphics/Letterpress engineers.

Repeated your quest/request *Verbatim* the first response was? has the M/c. been involved with any kind of *pile up or accident* involving the gripper assembly, presumably not known to You,YET, maybe.

The advice continued by suggesting removal of the cover, via 2 cheese head screws,
O 1, and O 3, in the parts book, the implication appeared to be that with the cover removed The Maltese Cross, (for the 4 positions of the Grippers,!) and its associated, Detent Pin(s) and Guide pin(s) could be seen, and possibly (as a result of previous pile up etc.) an out of line, out of register, component could be identified/seen.?

The above, just a starting point, for elimination at least, or rectification possibly.!!

Will happily re-enquire, and possibly up date, on Your behalf given the request and more info.? Good Luck…. Mick….U.K.

P.S. It is well known, well documented, etc that the grippers are carried in a *Malleable* hub and can be cranked back to proper alignment if/when the alignment is disturbed, normally by Bona Fide Engineers and with the Genuine H/Berg equipment…irrelevant in this situation, but one factor taken out of the equation.?

the gripper assembly, (which holds both grippers) is on a taper. Thats for a reason. If you had an incident the taper will allow the grippers to move separately from the drive. Otherwise they would key or pin the whole thing. Pop off the assembly with puller, re-align and you’re OK. Its not the M-cross or ball joints.

Thanks Nick Howard.
I was wondering how the gripper assembly was held on the shaft. I will get a puller and do as you suggest.

Many many Thanks!

Hi Nick
Im not sure how the gripper assembly could have turned on the shaft if I can’t pull it off with a puller , heat and a large hammer.

Hi Scott. The casting which holds the grippers, is on a taper. That means you must have a good strong puller and after tightening (a lot), you must then get a good sized hammer and hit the center of the puller (threaded piece). This will jar the casting and the only way it comes off is with a good bang.

Ok Nick bigger puller & hammer did the trick.
Now how do I get the assembly mounted back on in the proper position?

Easier. Make sure the platen is in a open position all the way. Once done, you can eyeball one gripper with the upper ledge of platen as parallel reference. Don’t fully tighten. Then cycle plate to closed position, check gripper is parallel to the right side bearer. Then open and tighten the nut, return the compression spring etc.

Thanks Nick.
I finally got it done. It only took me 2 tries to get it right.

Many thanks for all your help.