Photo card/Christmas card

New to the craft….how would one include a photo on a letterpressed card (like how minted and other big companies would?)
Would you print the photo on lettra text or something similarly weighted and then mount it onto cover and then print it and then trim it?
No idea how to go about this…

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Here is what I did for these cabinet portraits:
Printed the cards letterpress on heavy stock. Then glued on ink-jet printed (on ink-jet photo paper) photographs.

image: photobacks.jpg


I suppose the point of printing letterpress is to print the photo by letterpress as well. Some polymer plate makers can still make screened plates, so you need to find out if there are any near you. I have used Centurion here in the UK.
To get a good result you will need to use a good quality black ink and stock with a good surface, ie an gloss/matt art stock. Also plate preparation and make ready are key.
Hope this helps

I suggest having a copy shop print the photo first, and then print the text by letterpress. You can use 90 lb. Lettra cover or 92 lb. Reich Savoy cover, which should both work on many copy machines. Or you can order from on their 118 lb. cotton card stock (Savoy) and then print your type last. The 118 lb. Savoy will work on some copy machines, but it’s pushing the limits of what thickness they will handle. For some reason 110# Lettra doesn’t work as well.

Matt Kelsey