Need an experienced letterpress “mechanic”.

Is there anyone out there who lives very close to Seattle who is experienced at lining up the belt with motor etc… on my motorized C&P new style platen press. Not just a tinkerer cuz I probably fall into that category and I am officially accepting the idea that I need to pay someone to just do it right. Ofcourse a set price/bid would make me feel even more comfortable.

I bought a new belt because the old one was gross but ofcourse tightening and rearranging the motor to get the press to work at it’s variable speeds is just not happening. I also get a bit of a burn smell after I’ve been printing, making me think I am hurting my motor.

The belt seems to be running or atleast flopping around at an angle (although I have used rulers and levels to line it up correctly or atleast parallel from flywheel to motor) and flies off if I start the press at too high of speed (yes it’s loose right now but when I made it more taught the motor wouldn’t budge and I shimmied it back and forth, over and over…

I can still print but it takes accepting the quirks which I believe are soooo fixable (by someone else) so I am officially inquiring to find a letterpress junkie with mad mechanic skills. Please email Stacey at [email protected].

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