25” Challenge Paper Cutter

Offering up for FREE a 25” Challenge Paper Cutter with brass rule inlay. The cutter is complete and in working order. Cuts just fine!!! Has second blade bolted into it’s wooden shipping case. Great arched top with cast name plate tag. The handle has been repaired from somebody years ago being to rough with it; repair is good and strong. It’s for sure a barn fresh sort of piece that just needs a wire brushing and fresh coat of paint to look sharp again!!! Yes, I’ll state it again…FREE to good home. This item is not up for a scrap metal melt down!!! It’s been rescued for the sole purpose that somebody will use it again!!!! Email me with any question or if your interested in taking this gem in the rough!!!! THANKS Steve Alt Liberty Press West Liberty, IA

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image: Cutter1.jpg


image: Cutter2.jpg


image: Cutter3.jpg